Share the Light - Jewish Day School

Share the Light

The Jewish Day School
is where sparks of imagination are celebrated
and bright young minds are encouraged to explore
igniting a passion for life long learning.
Where children shine with a strong sense of self
in the glow of warm caring educators.

Join us through the end of December as we "Share the Light" - stories of how JDS has impacted local families. Send in your own reflection by simply emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



"A teacher presented us with a picture that Levi had drawn of himself and his image of G-d; 'before I was born I was Hanging with G-d.' I love my children's own path to Judaism and how they are defining themselves Jewishly in an Interfaith family."
-Ida Wicklund, JDS Parent

"JDS helped nurture the kid's love of community and helped shape them into confident young people committed to helping others."   -Alumni Parent Lisa Robin, Mom to Zach and Hannah.

"We believe that The Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle is providing our grand-children with a strong sense of belonging, an awareness of their cultural heritage and most of all, pride in being Jewish."   -Lee and David Amos, JDS Grandparents

"We love the inquiry-based learning where the kids are not just told to memorize facts , but inspired to question and investigate the topics at hand. This makes the children more curious and more resourceful in getting the answers needed." -Lisa Chaki & Alan Post, JDS Parents  

"I'm indebted to JDS because both my parents are Holocaust survivors. I have no doubt in my mind that our children have a Jewish identity because of JDS." -Dr. Jerry Kent, Alumni Dad

"We appreciate the multi-faceted path of learning which helps students grow into gracious and giving individuals with a continued desire to learn about our heritage and how it effects the world around us, and to be uninhibited to step up to the plate."  -Ron & Jacquelyn Estrin

"JDS has provided us a place where our daughter is getting a top notch education, where they reinforce strong values, they teach her to problem solve, how to navigate and resolve disputes.  We also know there is always a community of other parents and educators to share your joys and to help you if you are in need. "  -Deb Seres, JDS Parent   

"JDS has given our children a love of learning, the insight and desire to live as upstanding and caring individuals, and the gift of excellent academics to prepare them for high school and beyond." -Janice Brumer, JDS Parent