Summer Program - Jewish Day School

2017 Early Childhood Summer Program

Join us at JDS this summer for days filled with friendship and fun! Children age 2½ to 5 are invited to campus to enjoy our beautiful Pacific Northwest summer. Weekly themes will be explored as children engage with the creative arts, the natural environment and their Jewish identity, using their curious minds to learn more about the world around them. JDS’ Early Childhood Summer Program provides a unique opportunity for young children to explore, discover, form friendships, learn to interact with multi-aged peers and have fun.

  • Healthy snacks provided each day
  • Shabbat celebrated each Friday (including challah making)
  • Daily activities will include time outdoors

Hours: 8 am – 5 pm
Cost: $300 per week

*All Early Childhood Summer Program participants must be toilet trained.

For more information about our Early Childhood Summer Program, please contact our Early Childhood Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

2017 Early Childhood Summer Program Schedule

6/26 - 6/30   |   Growing and Gardening!
How are gardens designed? What do plants need to grow? How do we plant a garden? What are the parts of a plant? How do plants change over time? How do bees help a garden? Children will be fascinated as they design and plant the JDS garden. Children that participate throughout the summer will enjoy “the fruits of their labor” maintaining the garden. Fun activities will also include a visit from a beekeeper, creating healthy snacks, games, stories and creative art activities.

7/3 - 7/7   |   Celebrating America!
What makes America special? How do we celebrate America’s birthday? What symbols are part of this experience? Come join us for an exploration of Independence Day through red, white and blue crafts, tasty snacks, songs to celebrate America, “fireworks” experiments and games.

7/10 - 7/14   |   Creepy Crawly Garden Friends and Foes!
Join us for a fascinating week spent exploring how insects and plants work in harmony. What is an insect’s life cycle? What body parts does an insect have? Which insects help plants? Which ones can be harmful to plants? What attracts beneficial insects to the garden? What keeps harmful insects away? We will explore these discoveries by spending time in the garden using science tools to hunt and observe insects. More fun will include creating bug catchers and creepy crafts, silly insect snacks, stories and games.

7/17 - 7/21   |  Awesome Ocean! 
Who crawls on the ocean floor? Who lurks in the ocean deep? Who splashes along the surface and beach? What plants thrive in saltwater? We will have a blast exploring these topics by collecting and sorting shells based on various attributes, cooking sushi snacks, singing and dancing with sea animal songs and creating our own fabulous sea life mural.

7/24 - 7/28  |  Rockin’ Rocks!
What are the special properties of rocks and minerals? How do rocks benefit us today? Our young geologists will have a rockin’ time exploring rocks and minerals. The days will be full of fun as children hunt for and collect rocks and discover their properties. Children will have lots of fun painting, building and creating structures with rocks, in addition to creating rock crystals.

7/31 - 8/4  |  Fun, Fantasy and Fairy Tales!
Who are your favorite characters? How can our imaginations bring us to magical places? Join in a week of play and exploration of fabulous fantasy stories and fun fairy tales. Children will be enchanted as they dance, listen to and act out stories, create silly trolls and monsters, build castles and practice magic tricks.

8/7 - 8/11  |  Look Who's Cookin'!
How can we create a well-balanced snack? What foods are healthy? What are the various steps and supplies needed to follow a recipe? Children will explore these topics and help plan, create and eat healthy snacks! In addition, we will enjoy an array of activities, such as investigating foods by sorting into food groups and describing various textures and tastes, using pieces of raw vegetables to create artwork, becoming familiar with cooking steps and parts of recipes, and utilizing kitchen tools and measuring cups in the sensory bin. Children will also discover various restaurant jobs such as chefs and servers, in a 'restaurant’ dramatic play center and use their imagination and artistic talent to create recipes and menus!

8/14 - 8/18  |  Wet and Wonderful Water!
A week of fun discovering the various states of matter in water (liquid, solid, gas). Who knew water could be so fascinating! We will spend the week exploring and making bubbles, painting with ice and conducting sink or float experiments. The fun will continue as we create and observe clouds and engage in water play on the playground and with the sensory table.