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4th Grade Field Trip to The Burke

Fall 2016: 4th Grade Field Trip to The Burke This Fall, the JDS 4th Grade visited the  Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on the University of Washington campus in Seattle to supplement their scientific inquiry into geology. At the museum, students learned about geologic time by exploring the museum's fossil exhibits. Students participated in a simulated fossil dig to identify the origin of mystery fossils and become familiar with the basic practices and concepts of paleontology.



Kindergarteners are "Becoming Scientists"


Fall 2015: Kindergarten recently launched its first Inquiry Unit, "Becoming Scientists," discovering that scientists of all ages learn by asking questions. As part of the unit, students visited Oxbow Farm - an organic, sustainable farm in Carnation, WA - where they learned the six parts to plants: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits - and tried eating them all! Kindergarteners played, explored and immersed themselves in organic farming. Thank you, Oxbow Center & Organic Farm for the amazing scientific experience! — at Oxbow Center & Organic Farm.


5th Graders "Tune-In" to Their Study of Energy!

Fall 2015: After reading and annotating an article about energy, students drew pictures and created tableaux (frozen stage pictures) to represent concepts they learned in the reading. Concepts included anything moving has kinetic energy,an object with more mass has more kinetic energy and energy can change from potential energy to kinetic energy and from kinetic energy to potential energy. Students were able to transfer the concepts learned in the article to examples not given in the text!


3rd Graders Pack Bags for the JFS Eastside Food Bank

Fall 2015: In 1993, a wonderful partnership began between JDS and Jewish Family Service. Starting as an after school program, students put together Food Bank bags and distributed them to the 125 participants served each month. The annual partnership continues and has now evolved as part of the 3rd grade curriculum. The food is brought over in the JFS agency van and the students' role is to pack bags of groceries which are then given out to the recipients. Food Bank staff and the JDS teachers assist the students with this regular monthly assignment. We love our partnership with JFS!


Mifgash Chavurot - Sharing Circles


Fall 2015: Great work, JDS! Thank you students, teachers and parents for making last week's Mifgash Chavurot - Sharing Circles - such a tremendous success for our entire school community. Sharing Circles serve many purposes: they connect students and teachers of many grades with each other; they provide a platform for students to practice presentation skills, like explaining their learning process and clearly sharing a piece of work; they encourage thoughtful appreciation across the grades, and; they are a lot of fun!


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