Mission & Vision - Jewish Day School

Mission & Vision


The Mission of the Jewish Day School is to provide an exceptional education that
empowers Jewish children to be confident, wise, and compassionate upstanders
who are committed to life-long learning and community stewardship.


School Vision

To be the first educational choice for the Jewish community of greater Seattle.


Core Values

  • Challenging Academics/Etgar
    We challenge every child, cultivate independent and critical thinking skills, and inspire tomorrow's leaders with our innovative, integrated and rigorous curriculum.
  • Community/Kehila
    We promote inclusiveness, celebrate spirituality, and honor our shared heritage and love for Israel.
  • Jewish Identity/Zehut
    We build a solid Jewish identity through Torah study, mitzvot, and acts of chesed while upholding a culture of pluralism and acceptance.
  • Respect/Kavod
    We teach and model respect for individuals, for our school and for the world.

Educational Vision

JDS strives to ensure that the students participate in activities and programs that give them the opportunity to act as and become:

Compassionate and Upstanding Members of the Jewish Community

  • Grounded in study of Torah, Tefillah and Hebrew
  • Guided by an awareness of God and a love of Jewish traditions and cultural values
  • Empowered to create a unique Jewish self

Dynamic and Reflective Learners

  • Inquiring, persevering, engaged and collaborative
  • Innovative, adaptable and self-reliant
  • Adept in social, cultural, creative, physical, ecological, economic and technological literacies
  • Inspired to take action as a result of their learning

Appreciative Citizens of our Global Community

  • Appreciating diversity, equality and justice
  • Serving locally and globally with kindness and generosity of spirit
  • Contributing to 'green' communities
  • Acting with Kavod (respect) and love towards k'lal Israel (the Jewish people) and affirming the Godly spark (bzelem eloheem) in all people